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DePuy PROXIMA™ Hip is a highly innovative and conservative anatomic hip that is the result of the evolution of DePuy’s clinical heritage of the IPS™ cementless hip system and the Santori Custom stem. DePuy PROXIMA™ Hip is a proximally fixed hip, which maximises bone conservation and soft tissues preservation, through the innovative design of the implant and by a novel surgical technique, which leaves the greater trochanter and muscles intact. In addition, the use of the clinically established coating DuoFix™, unique combination of POROCOAT® and Hydroxyapatite (HA) coating, ensures long-term biological fixation.

No stem reduces the risk of thigh pain to zero.

Medial and lateral flare, prevent migration and/or subsidence. Anatomic in both the AP and ML planes delivering pure proximal physiological load and fitting the metaphysis, achieving immediate rotational stability.

ZTT and DuoFix™ metaphyseal fixation.

Transition zone, avoiding non homogeneous transmission of forces. DePuy launched the DePuy PROXIMA™ Hip in July 2006.

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