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EXPEDIUM® SFX® Cross Connector System

  • category: Posterior Spine

The EXPEDIUM® SFX® Cross Connector System redefines ease-of-use, implant versatility, and construct security. Based on the established technology of the EXPEDIUM® Anterior Spine System, the EXPEDIUM® SFX® Cross Connector System features an advanced top-loading design and unique snap-fit feature that simplify initial placement and tightening procedures. 

The system incorporates a broad range of implant options in both fixed and adjustable configurations for an optimal balance between dural clearance and implant profile.  The EXPEDIUM® SFX® Cross Connector System was designed to help surgeons address the challenges of difficult pathologies by enabling a fast and secure finish to even the most complex cases.

The benchmark for speed, security, and simplicity is the EXPEDIUM® Spine System.

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