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post-surgical care


Immediately after surgerysurgeryThe branch of medicine concerned with the treatment of disease, injury, and deformity by operation or manipula..., patients are usually taken to a recovery room for observation. The amount of time spent here will be determined by the type of anesthesiaanesthesiaA process used before surgery or other medical procedures that induces partial or complete loss of sensation. ... the patient was given. When a patient’s vital signs (blood pressure, pulse, respiratory rate) are stable and they are alert, they are moved to a hospital room or allowed to leave the hospital. Patients are sometimes given crutches and a knee immobilizer to take home with them.
At home, patients will have to keep the surgical area clean and dry and the treating physician will usually give instructions for bathing properly. At a follow-up office visit, the patient’s stitches or surgical staples will be removed.
Oct 16 2014 - 12:30:12