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Hip problems are more common than you may think. Find out ways to treat your hip so you can keep moving forward.

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Your movement may be limited, but your options don't have to be. See how other patients conquered their pain and get started on your own journey to recovery.

Mike "Coach K" Krzyzewski
Inspirational college coach and DePuy joint recipient.

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"It's not worth living with pain."
"It's not worth living with pain."

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"Hi, I'm Mike Krzyzewski, coach of Duke University's Men's Basketball team. If you could take a journey to move better, live better, why wouldn't you? I did when I had joint replacement surgery.

"I'm here to tell you that you have two opponents. Pain and lack of mobility. Pain can get you down every day. Lack of mobility can lead to decreased speed and loss of endurance. With speed and endurance loss, you don't stay competitive and you spend energy just trying to catch up. But you've got to fight your opponents to stay in the game.

"I know it isn't always easy. There was a part of me that thought of stopping, giving up coaching altogether. I would never have won two Olympic team medals and four NCAA Championships if I hadn't had my surgeries.

"Now, I don't have to overcompensate for injury and pain. I'm more active than before, I have relief from pain and I'm even quicker on my feet. People say I look better now. Do you want your life back the way it should be? You have two choices, a continued downward spiral or take action.

"So don't let the injury win. You don't need to live in pain. That's why I want to encourage you to empower yourself. Get educated, develop a personal treatment plan with your doctor, build a team of support and commit to reclaiming your life. Remember, this is a major event in your life—treat it as such. What you put into it will multiply for you at the end of the journey."

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Hip problems can be awfully difficult to grasp. Let us help you comprehend what‘s happening to your body.

cartilage damage

A tear in the cartilage that surrounds the hip joint can cause pain and limited movement.

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When the bones of the leg or pelvis break, this hip fracture often requires orthopaedic surgery to realign the bones and encourage healing.

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hip necrosis

The loss of blood supply to the hip joint‘s bones can result in the bone tissue dying and the hip joint collapsing.

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injury-related arthritis

Injuries to the hip joint or to the surrounding tissues and bones can cause pain, stiffness, swelling and an enlarged and deformed hip joint.

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When the smooth articular cartilage that surrounds and protects the hip joint‘s ball and socket wears away, bone rubs against bone which may lead to painful inflammation.

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rheumatoid arthritis

An autoimmune disease that attacks and destroys the protective cartilage that covers the surface of the joints, eventually leading to inflammation of the surrounding tissues.

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