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TruMatch® Personalized Solutions

  • category: Joint Replacement
  • focus: Knee Instrumentation
  • product family: TruMatch® Personalized Solutions

TruMatch® Personalized Solutions

DePuy Orthopaedics, Inc, a leader in providing innovative solutions to address the demands of your patients, including personalized instrumentation and clinically proven implants, proudly introduces TRUMATCH® Personalized Solutions Pin Guide for the SIGMA® Fixed-Bearing Knee System. Using new technologies like TRUMATCH Personalized Solutions Pin Guide, including an integrated tibial alignment check combined with the 15 years clinical heritage of the SIGMA-Fixed Bearing Knee Platform, may be the solution you seek for your patients. Click on the image below to learn more information.

TRUMATCH® Solutions brings a new level of personalized Total Knee Replacement surgery to your OR. It is based on the proven philosophy of mechanical alignment, with the customized patient instruments and computer software system designed to aid in knee implant positioning and procedure efficiency.

   • Reduced surgical steps
   • Fewer standard instruments needed
   • Fewer instrument cases to resterilize
   • Facilitates faster OR turnover

   • Elimination of up to nine steps from the surgical workflow
   • Eliminates the need, and assembly, of the femoral IM rod guide, and      sizing guide and the tibial resection guide
   • Based on patient’s mechanical alignment>br />
Wear Resistance:
   • 3D plan of the whole leg structure
   • Facilitates proper implant placement and alignment, a key factor in      reducing polyethylene wear in total knee replacement
   • Determination of distal femoral and proximal tibial resection levels,      varus/valgus alignment, femoral rotation and tibial slope

TruMatch Process:

Patient Imaging:
Following an assessment and recommendation from the surgeon, the TRUMATCH solutions process begins with a CT scan of the whole leg, from hip to ankle, per a defined TRUMATCH Solutions scanning protocol. The CT scan will be conducted at a certified imaging center (local to the surgeon) and will then be electronically forwarded to our TRUMATCH Solutions team. The team will confirm the quality of the scan and then create a new patient record for later submission by the surgeon’s office.

Case Submission:
Through a simple web interface, the surgeon’s office finalizes the pertinent case information and submits the order to the TRUMATCH Solutions design team. Immediately, the system will provide the delivery date of the finalized blocks. Surgery can be scheduled any time thereafter, up to 120 days from the date of manufacturing. The case information will be collated with the surgeon’s surgical preferences already recorded in the system. Together with implant geometry, the TRUMATCH Solutions design team will prepare a personalized patient proposal.

Image Processing and Patient Proposal:
Utilizing proprietary software, the TRUMATCH Solutions design team will create a complete three dimensional model of the whole leg structure, which will be combined with the patient’s information and the surgeon’s surgical preferences to create a personalized patient proposal. The patient proposal will include information such as distal femoral and proximal tibial resection levels, varus/valgus alignment, femoral rotation, femoral and tibial sizing and tibial slope.

Patient Proposal Approval:
An e-mail will alert the surgeon when the case specific patient proposal is ready for his/her comment and approval. The surgeon is then able to visit the password protected area of the TRUMATCH Solutions website to make, if necessary, any revisions and approve the proposal.

Instrument Preparations and Kit Consolidation:
Once the surgeon approves the details of the proposal, preparation of the personalized patient instruments takes place within our dedicated manufacturing centers. Individual patient name and data are etched on each, to confirm identification in the OR. Stainless steel guides within the RenShape™ plastic blocks are designed to minimize particle generation during bone resection.

Delivery and Surgery:
The TRUMATCH Solutions resection guides are delivered sterile. The guides are delivered on, or prior to, the stated delivery date communicated during the case submission step. Surgery can take place any time thereafter up to 120 days from the date of manufacturing.




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