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Sigma® Rotating Platform Knee System

  • category: Joint Replacement
  • focus: Rotating Platform Knees
  • product families: AOX™ , P.F.C.® Sigma® Revision Knee System

Sigma® Rotating Platform Knee System
Today's high performing patients want solutions that suit their active lifestyles. Since its inception, the Sigma Knee System has been continuously developed to provide options for surgeons to address specific patient needs. Based on the design history of the P.F.C® Sigma® and LCS Knee Systems, the Sigma Rotating-Platform knee was designed to provide patients with rotational freedom and conformity without constraint.

Polyethylene wear is a primary cause for knee revision.1 Unlike fixed bearing designs, the self-aligning rotating-platform bearing is designed to decouple flexion-extension and rotation into two unidirectional motions and converts shear forces into compression. This allows the Sigma Rotating Platform Knee System to experience a 94 percent reduction in polyethylene wear versus a fixed bearing design.2

Available in posterior cruciate retaining or posterior stabilized femoral component designs, this knee system is designed to provide surgical solutions for a variety of clinical indications. The versatility of the instrumentation and seamless integration between designs provides operating room flexibility for the surgeon to decide to implant either a fixed-bearing or rotating platform knee.

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