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Sigma® Fixed Bearing Knee System

  • category: Joint Replacement
  • focus: Fixed Bearing Knees
  • product family: P.F.C.® Sigma® Revision Knee System

Sigma® Fixed Bearing Knee System
DePuy's Sigma Fixed Bearing Knee System is an excellent example of a proven design made even better by utilizing advanced materials. Based on the clinically successful P.F.C.® Total Knee System introduced in 1984, Sigma continues a history of innovation based on clinical evidence.

Available in posterior cruciate retaining or posterior stabilized femoral component designs, this knee system is designed to provide surgical solutions for a variety of clinical indications. Research into advanced materials and designs has resulted in XLK poly and highly polished Cobalt Chrome (CoCr) tibial tray. The moderately cross-linked, oxidatively stabilized polyethylene insert maintains material toughness, while providing excellent wear performance. The modular construct of CoCr Tray, along with its highly polished surface provides an environment that is more polyethylene-friendly than a rough titanium tray to minimize abrasion and increase long-term durability. Finally, the tray and insert have a secure fit with a locking mechanism, achieving two important goals: 1) decreased micromotion and 2) maintaining the system's modular flexibility.

Thus by optimizing the tray, the locking mechanism, and the polyethylene, Sigma Fixed Bearing Knee System delivers the solution that surgeons desire for their high demand patients. It provides the benefits of a two-piece tibial construct that approaches the performance of a one-piece design.


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