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MILAGRO® Bioreplaceable Screw

  • category: Sports Medicine / Mobility Therapy
  • focus: ACL Reconstruction
  • product family: MILAGRO® Bioreplaceable Interference Screws

The MILAGRO®BR Interference Screw is comprised of BIOCRYL® RAPIDE™, a second generation Biocomposite material and the #1 Biocomposite Material in the United States1. Since 2004, Milagro BR Interference Screws have provided orthopedic surgeons with reliable fixation for soft tissue repairs. Now, a published Human CT Imaging study of ACL reconstructions demonstrates that BIOCRYL  RAPIDE  absorbs and allows for ossification of the implant site in as little as 3 years2. Trust Milagro BR, the proven choice in Biocomposite screw technology.



1. U.S. data on file at DePuy Mitek, May 2011.
2. Barber et al. Long-Term Degradation of a Poly-Lactide Co-Glycolide/ß-
    Tricalcium PhosphateBiocomposite Interference Screw, Arthroscopy
    Journal: The Journal of Arthroscopic and Related Surgery, Vol.17, No. 5,
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