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HEALOS® Bone Graft Replacement

  • category: Biologics Solutions

HEALOS® Bone Graft Replacement is an osteoconductive matrix constructed of cross-linked collagen fibers that are fully coated with hydroxyapatite through a proprietary 360 accretion process. When combined with autogenous bone marrow aspirate, HEALOS Bone Graft Replacement provides an excellent environment for osteoprogenitor cell attachment, proliferation and differentiation.

The hydroxyapatite-coated collagen microfibers in HEALOS Bone Graft Replacement are similar in structure and composition to bone, thereby recreating the natural human response. The matrix, saturated with bone marrow aspirate, remodels into new bone throughout the graft site, not solely by creeping substitution.

HEALOS Bone Graft Replacement has distinct graft handling characteristics. It retains structural integrity and porosity despite extensive handling due to a three dimensional construction, which imparts unique tensile strength and "shape memory". In addition, the flexible, sponge-like strips expand and mold into place for complete graft site coverage, even in irregular spaces


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Apr 14 2014 - 14:07:52