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EXPEDIUM® 5.5 Spine System

  • categories: Deformity, Lumbar Degenerative
  • product family: EXPEDIUM┬« Family

The EXPEDIUM® Spine System is an innovative spine solution with technological advancements that differentiate it from other available systems. The EXPEDIUM Spine System is a hook, screw and rod system which consists of the following:


Implant options: Rod material options:
- Polyaxial Screws - Titanium (Alloy and Commercially Pure)
- Uniplanar Screws - Stainless Steel (Standard, High and Ultra Strengths)
- Monoaxial Screws - Cobalt Chromium Alloy
- Extended Tab Screws
- Hooks
- Cable and Wires


The system offers a comprehensive solution for rigid posterior fixation of the thoracolumbar regions of the spine. This unique system combines simplicity and versatility allowing the surgeon to design the construct based on intra-operative developments and individual patient anatomy – not the constraints of the system.


The EXPEDIUM Spine System offers unique design innovations, giving you a versatile system with maximum flexibility.



CA# 10140A (12/2012)


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