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CODMAN® CERTAS™ Programmable Valve

  • category: Hydrocephalus
  • focus: Programmable Valves

Codman Certas Programmable Valve Voluntary Recall

CODMAN® CERTAS™ Programmable Valve combines simplicity with control.

With hydrocephalus, optimal fluid management requires a versatile device that can easily accommodate different rates of drainage. Only CODMAN CERTAS Programmable Valves provide all these features combined:

  • Easy programming and setting confirmation
  • A range of 8 settings
  • `Virtual Off´ to test shunt independence
  • Resistant to MRI influence1 up to 3 Tesla
  • Programmer portability
  •Optional BACTISEAL® Antimicrobial Catheter integration

A valve like no other.

  1 Codman recommends that the clinician confirm the valve setting after a magnetic resonance imaging procedure (MRI)

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Jul 24 2014 - 14:03:28